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Down to Earth Mediumship

When I let people know that I’m a medium – that I connect people with their loved ones in spirit – one of two things happens. Either they lean in with interest, “Wow, really? Is that stuff real?  What’s it like?” or they glaze over, try to look polite, and back away as quickly as possible. I get that. Despite the incredible popularity of … Read More Down to Earth Mediumship


There’s going to be a book!

Over the years, many of you have commented that you enjoy my writing style and the subject matter that I bring forward. You’ve even encouraged me to write a book! Well, thanks to you, that project has been underway for a little over a year now. With just a chapter or two to go, it’s coming together. The working title is: Heroic Compassion ~ Why … Read More There’s going to be a book!


Wind Horse Blog ~ New Look

Growth. With a little luck, it happens to all of us. The Wind Horse Blog has transitioned into Zen Doe ~ Down to Earth Spirituality, Down to Earth Mediumship. The blog is still here, loaded with wonderful comments from hundreds of dear souls who have stopped in to be a part of this project. The format has changed a little so that it’s more … Read More Wind Horse Blog ~ New Look

Our Struggles


Back in the Saddle ~ so to speak

Or, more appropriately, “back in the blogosphere”. It has been three and a half years since my last post. Wow. Do they even say “blogosphere” anymore? Doesn’t matter. I’m back. One by one, the horses in my stories here all went to new homes – a process that broke my heart again and again. But, they are well and happy. I have kept up … Read More Back in the Saddle ~ so to speak