If you’re considering having a reading to connect with your loved ones, here is some information that you might find helpful.

At this time, I am offering readings via online text chat as well as voice calls on Facebook messenger or Skype. If you plan to schedule a reading with me, please be familiar with Skype (installed and ready) or Facebook messenger.

Please, don’t feed the medium! Don’t tell me anything at all about who you are or why you would like to have a reading. I truly don’t want any information at all. Just like you, I want to know that whatever comes through during a reading is from Spirit, not something I’ve cobbled together from something you’ve mentioned. This is why text chat is such a great format. With you simply typing “yes”, “no”, or “maybe”, I’m not even getting cues from the tone of your voice. Toward the end of the reading, you can feel free to validate everything that has come through for you or to ask about the possibility of connecting with a certain person.

Validation: Validation works both ways. It’s important for you to hear enough detail about who the spirit is that you’re sure about their identity.  The spirit will try to provide evidence by showing the medium what their personality was like, perhaps what they did for a living, how they passed away, or they may show a memory that you share with that person. When you recognize the person who is coming through for you, by all means, say so – or at least indicate “maybe”. Until you do, the spirit will often continue to try to provide validating information about who they are. Somehow, the moment you say, “Yes!” the spirit feels free to go ahead and start providing the actual message to you.

Let spirit lead the reading.  They have an uncanny way of knowing precisely what we need to hear, rather than what we think we want to hear. If you’re constantly asking questions and wanting to chat with the medium during the reading, it can become difficult for the medium to focus on the spirit. Again, there will be time to talk at the end.

Who is this spirit? I’ll make every effort to describe the spirit to you so that you can be sure who is coming through for you. Sometimes it’s tricky because a medium may get very little information to go on. Some spirits simply aren’t great communicators. Others give tons of information, but all at once. If this happens, simply relax and enjoy the opportunity with an open heart. I did a reading for a sitter once, who spent the entire time frantically trying to figure out who the spirit was. She didn’t seem to even hear the messages that were coming through for her. Finally, at the end of the reading, she had the Aha! when I reiterated that this was a motherly energy, and that the lady in spirit was wearing tons of jewelry. The sitter said, “Well, it could be my mother. She wore lots of jewelry even at the end when she was in the hospital.” 

Am I bothering my loved one?  Absolutely not. You are not bothering them or disturbing them. They are very excited and anxious to connect with you! I enjoy working with spirit, and to be truthful, I work for them as much as I work for my sitters. They really do enjoy these connections.

Predictions: Although all mediums are “psychic”, I have chosen to focus my work in the area of spirit communication through mediumship.  I will not make predictions about health, pregnancy, financial issues, love life, or any major life issue. These are matters of your own life-path. Because you have free will, and everyone involved in your life has free will, it is impossible to “predict” major events. If you would like to discuss your path or your spiritual practice with someone so that you can find perspective and have personal guidance, I am happy to do life-path guidance sessions with you.

Skeptical? I understand skeptical. I’ve been seeing and hearing spirits all my life, but I patently refused to believe it until my father showed up on the two-year anniversary of his passing to encourage me to look into mediumship. Go figure. It’s fine to be skeptical, and asking questions is wonderful. If, however, you refuse to hear what’s coming through for you, it’s likely to be a frustrating and difficult experience for all of us, spirits included.

Important! Do not consume alcohol or drugs prior to a reading. Your own energy will be affected and the reading will not be clear. A reading is like an electrical circuit between you, the medium, and the spirit(s) who come through for you. If your energy is impaired, dull, frazzled, or preoccupied with something else, it can be very hard to complete the circuit.

What if the medium can’t bring through anything at all for me? This can and does happen. No medium can read for every sitter. A reputable medium will recognize that nothing will be forthcoming and will offer to reschedule or to refund your money. S/he will often refer you to another reputable medium.


You must be 18 or over.

Despite the deeply spiritual nature of a reading, be advised that any reading is strictly “for entertainment purposes only”.  I hate this, but you understand.

Sometimes people object to there being a fee involved for a reading. I understand. But, just like with nursing or teaching, compassionate and loving specialization is built on the foundation of years of hard work and study. You probably wouldn’t anticipate that a minister would conduct your wedding for free, please don’t ask your medium to work for free. Also, if you stop by my Zen Doe page on Facebook and give it a like and a follow, I regularly offer drawings for free readings there.

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