Heroic Compassion ~

Inviting a Lifetime of Challenges, Healing, and Spiritual Awakening

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Reviews for Heroic Compassion: Inviting a Lifetime of Challenges, Healing, and Spiritual Awakening:

“What a beautiful book. Self-compassion is not something I am familiar with. After my son’s death by suicide I was racked with guilt on top of the deep grief. It changed me forever. There is a before and a after me that I am not too fond of. I have found meditation to be elusive but will try my best to find a practice that works. I know the importance of being a conscious observer of our mind and thoughts. I just need to listen to the non ego dialogue that comes from my inner being. Thank you for the book. I treasured reading it. Each chapter was like a Poem and reading it unwrapping a gift. ❤️😇”


“If you come from a background of Non-duality or even Buddhism, you will know how rarely the subject of Trauma and Healing are addressed in these teachings. You are invited to sit with and accept your suffering but if you are dealing with trauma, you are often gently encouraged to seek addition help. More often than not such help is simply unavailable for those who have achieved a certain level of spiritual unfolding and need the issue to be addressed from a much higher perspective than a simple therapist can offer. Linda’s book has been a blessing and a gift at the time when I needed it most. It simply appeared in my life in a form of a free offer. I read it for free online and then bought a paper copy so I can offer it to my son when he is a little bit older. It changed my life, my view of trauma and my very understanding of what true healing must look like. If you, like me, are tired of decades of suffering, this book will be a guide to your journey from Fear to Love. Thank you, Linda.”


“Reading Heroic Compassion was a journey and invitation into a very compelling spirit realm. With the detailed personal account of a spirit filled life shared by Linda, I knew I had a guide for this new odyssey. Right away I knew I had work to do and a purpose to explore my own path and find answers to so many questions. I had an immediate sense of profound trust that my own spirit guides would travel with me and help me .”


” wonderful read with guidance on how to overcome trauma and grief. Let this book take you to a place of understanding. Thanks for all your help and guidance on things that effect many. A must read.”


From Medium and Spiritual Teacher Michelle Stokotelny:
“Linda Frank’s Heroic Compassion is a must read for anyone who is ready to begin their personal healing journey. Through her down to earth wisdom, coupled with gentle spiritual insight, you will be inspired to confront what has been holding you back and face it with strength, determination, and love.”


“A wonderful read for those approaching a spiritual awakening, on a spiritual path, or for those trying to overcome obstacles and challenges in their lives – basically everyone. This book cracks open a lot of preconceived ideas about life due to our social and cultural upbringing or our “collective truth”. The author delves into the purpose of the human experience. It is a wonderful overview of why we’re here, why certain challenges come into our lives, why challenges repeat themselves and why some people experience trauma or horrible experiences. I resonated with a lot of this book and particularly enjoyed the chapter on karma.”


“A very good read whether you are starting out on your spiritual journey or you are looking for a fresh insightful approach to understanding the healing process. Linda Frank is a very good writer.”


“My family is reeling from the recent deaths of several family members. Linda Frank offers a convincing and comforting perspective that is easy to understand, well written, and inspirational. Highly recommended.”

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