Mediumship is a spiritual practice. It requires tremendous attention, humility, ethics, dedication, training, and hard work, just like any other talent that becomes a reliable and worthwhile skill. It isn’t about crystal balls and trickery, nor is it frightening, weird, or wacky new age woo-woo. It is a warm, calm, loving experience that is about validation (evidence) that our loved ones have never left us, that they’re fine, and that they’re still very much alive. To connect with your family or friends in Spirit is a joyful, uplifting, and most important, healing experience.

During a mediumship “reading” (session), the medium serves as an interpreter, relaying information and messages to you that s/he sees – in her mind’s eye, hears – like voices in a dream, feels, smells, tastes, or simply knows. The sounds, images, and sensory information is fleeting and subtle. It’s not like a phone call. A spirit has only these few moments to try to communicate who they are and what their message to you is.

Not all spirits are great communicators. But, they are as anxious to talk to you as you are to hear from them. They’ll do anything they can think of to get their point across. Some speak clearly, others resort to pantomime. Most use symbols of some sort, like red roses indicating that they were a romantic interest of the sitter.

Some do come forward boldly. I once began a reading with my usual slow and pointed mental questions to the spirit about who he was. I was just a moment into the process when I heard a booming voice saying, “Don’t worry about all that. I’m her father.”  The sitter recognized immediately that this is exactly how her father would have behaved, and we had a good laugh at this strong validation of who was coming through.

If you’re hoping to connect with Grandpa to find out where he left the will, or if you refuse to accept that you’re talking with your best friend because the spirit has failed to give you the secret code word, your reading is likely to be disappointing. Imagine that you are speaking through a messenger and have only a moment to communicate something to your son or daughter. You won’t care about the will or the code word. You’ll be singularly focused on communicating your love and whatever messages are truly important.

It may be important to you to connect with Grandpa about the will, but to Grandpa, the most important thing in the world may be to step aside and let someone else have this time with you – like your mother, who passed when you were 12, and who needs to let you know that she was there, at your wedding, showering her love onto you and your family.

It is a loving experience, one that provides closure and healing. For the medium, it is humbling beyond measure. It is indeed a spiritual practice – one of compassion, empathy, and mindful presence. Like all spiritual work, it’s pretty down to earth stuff. One foot in front of the other, responding to whatever appears with attention, openness, and love.

Leaning into the light with you,

Linda Frank

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