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Wind Horse Blog ~ New Look

Growth. With a little luck, it happens to all of us. The Wind Horse Blog has transitioned into Zen Doe ~ Down to Earth Spirituality, Down to Earth Mediumship. The blog is still here, loaded with wonderful comments from hundreds of dear souls who have stopped in to be a part of this project. The format has changed a little so that it’s more … Read More Wind Horse Blog ~ New Look

One Photograph

It’s very strange, not having any photographs of myself from when I was growing up.  My mother is in possession of all the family pictures, and I haven’t seen them in what must be 25 years or more. In my early teens, I discovered photography.  I adored taking pictures with my Kodak Instamatic X-15.  It had a “Magicube” (ooooh!) and if you know what that is, … Read More One Photograph

Freshly Pressed! Really??!!

“Are You Listening” was featured on freshly Pressed! Get the smelling salts! *Running about in the pasture, flapping my hands and hyperventilating* Thank you, WordPress Editors! Most important, thank YOU, readers.  Your encouragement has inspired me. Zen Doe