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Morning’s Quiet Green

Alarm shatters sleep long before dawn helter skelter fumbling for shower and what to wear pulling on a sock and email between sips of coffee cat food dog food fish food horse food me food almost done check the dog water, refill oh, forgot dog pills get cheese need milk, need cat food… Grab keys, turn off lights pat dogs, pat cat, say good-bye out … Read More Morning’s Quiet Green

Wordless Wednesday ~ tiny wings

smaller than a thumbsize does not define the hearttiny hummingbird ~ Photograph by ZenDoe, ©ZenDoe 2013

Pop-Up Haiku ~

early morning drive emerald fields of purple spring throws on her robe . Photo Credit:  Google Images

Broken Crow

silver snow-lit night black crow scribes his epitaph dragging broken wings For three days, he held his position under the bird feeder, scrappy enough to scare off the squirrels.  Hopping around the yard and cawing like a fish monger, you’d think he was still king.  Last night, I watched him leave his post.  He made the arduous trek to the front field and disappeared.  I’ll remember … Read More Broken Crow


I see them, my ancestors standing silent around me trees on the mountain silent shapes in morning fog gray mist heavy on their leafy shoulders Reduced to names and dates Census data birth, and death records ~ like rain and wind winter passing into summer into winter Rain and wind and cold babies born with little fingers and toes and loved ones buried in … Read More Genealogy