ZenDoe  Linda Frank

Zen, without so much Zen in it
Moments ~ how they come alive and step forward as our teachers

Thank you for spending some time here.

We’re all in the same boat. Let’s encourage each other.

ZenDoe Linda Frank is the author of Heroic Compassion: Inviting a Lifetime of Challenges, Healing, and Spiritual Awakening

Linda has practiced meditation and other introspective disciplines for more than four decades. She was the founder and Abbot of Still Water Zen Center and has taught meditation to countless individuals.  Having experienced and worked through profound trauma in her own life, she has written extensively about the difficulties of suffering, and of the healing power of present awareness.

Lotus Flower Images on this site are by Bahman Farzad ©Bahman Farzad / lotusflowerimages.com

105 Comments on “About

  1. such an original way to express…you. i really like your poetic ‘about’. but if i may be so bold, you are anything but “nobody special”… lovely, absolutely lovely

  2. Okay. I don’t follow many blogs. Yours is on my list now. Your writing leaves me breathless. Even your “about” is a work of art. Does it just come out this way or do you re-write a hundred times?

    • You ROCK, Alice. You’re my new hero, and I’ll take you to lunch anytime you’re in town. Nope. I sit down at the computer to write, and I just give birth to it. Then, I walk away for an hour so I can acutally see it when I come back. I come back and correct my dreadful spelling and try to find replacements for the words I use too often. At that point, I give up and hit “publish”. That’s about it.

  3. Zen Doe, Lunch would have to be on me. You write like someone with a direct tap to the rich aquifer that the water flows from. Glad to meet you. Keep writing.

  4. I agree with Alice Keys. Something powerful and refreshing here. Can’t wait to read more. Found you through Johnnycrabcakes. What a find!

  5. Zen Doe,

    Thanks for venturing into my site and liking one of my posts. Feel free to return and offer any suggestions. You clearly have a stronger grasp on the craft of writing than I do and would love the advice. Look forward to following you site, Thanks again.

    Happy Writing


  6. Hi there! I just was nominated myself, and now I’m nominating you for the Liebster Award. It recognizes up-and-coming blogs, particularly those with less than 200 followers. Visit my blog for all the details, and congratulations. Thank you for inspiring me. —Jadi

  7. I am thankful to WordPress for being able to find beautiful blogs like yours. I love your category for posts ‘healing’ – I believe telling/listening to stories is healing in itself.

    • Thank you! Yes ~ realizing that our lives are stories, and telling those stories well can be incredibly healing. That’s certainly what I’m finding here.

  8. I haven’t read such a beautiful “about” like yours before… Your poetical spirit and beautiful expressions and usage of this language fascinated me. Once again I am so glad to meet with you and to be your new follower. Blessing and Happiness. Thank you, with my love, nia

  9. I am so happy to have arrived here but it was because you found me. I love your voice…your writer’s voice and I look forward to reading more. I shared your post on my facebook page (fredericton bioenergetics) and hope my readers will enjoy your work as much as I did.

  10. I saw your ‘freshly blogged’ post this evening and have read about half of your posts…I just wanted to say that you have a beautiful writing style and that I look forward to reading more of your work. ^_^

  11. What caught my attention is the first line and the last line… Now that I am old… I remember. They are an invitation to listen … Thank you.

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