Our work here on earth during a physical incarnation is not in exile, alone, on a planet far away from our spiritual home. Heaven, or Spirit, is intrinsic to our every breath, and closer to us than our own thoughts. We are spirits, each of us, experiencing temporary lives in finite, mortal, fragile human bodies, in a setting where fear, lack, and physical pain govern our behavior and our thoughts as inevitably as they govern our biological imperative to survive.

Again and again, we leave the comfort and beauty of our life in Spirit to undertake the greatest and most heroic challenge imaginable—a human lifetime. Because only in leaving Home for a while and throwing ourselves into the maelstrom of physical life can we fulfill our great purpose, which is to experience, and to learn through that experience. Love is easy when our environment is love. But, the test of our attainment of that state of love lies in our capacity for compassionate activity here, where it is so very difficult. We come here to learn love under the harshest of conditions, to discover it in others and within ourselves.

We are not puppets here, our strings pulled by circumstance or fate. We have free will. We can choose to remain in the dark of illusion, ignorance and fear, waiting for some external force to bring us happiness and change us from the outside in, or we can make a practice of stepping into the light at every opportunity.

Excerpt from Heroic Compassion
Available here

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