When I let people know that I’m a medium – that I connect people with their loved ones in spirit – one of two things happens. Either they lean in with interest, “Wow, really? Is that stuff real?  What’s it like?” or they glaze over, try to look polite, and back away as quickly as possible.

I get that. Despite the incredible popularity of TV shows featuring well-known spirit communicators like The Hollywood Medium, The Long Island Medium and Monica the Medium, mediumship is just not a topic that people are comfortable with. “I talk with dead people” is simply not something you want to say if you’re trying to make people feel at ease.

Unfortunately, mediumship and mediums have long been synonymous with fraud, crystal balls, and hogwash destined to empty the wallets of the well-intentioned. I remember a little house on the side of the road near where I used to live, with a hand painted sign that read: “Sister Sophie – Palm Reader”. Nobody wants to be Sister Sophie.  And certainly, nobody would want to be seen slipping into that house.

In the last 20 or 30 years, mediumship has been routinely packaged together with crystals, yoga, chakras, and all manner of New Age woo-woo from unicorns to space aliens. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love purple sparkles as much as the next person, yoga would do me a world of good, and crystals can be astonishingly beautiful, but they really have nothing to do with what happens in my work.

The desire to make a connection with our loved ones who have passed on is about as down to earth as it gets. This desire doesn’t require any particular lifestyle or belief system, nor does it call for props of any kind. It is simply the ache of the human heart to reach out once again and embrace the one who has gone home and left us here, missing them.

The vast majority of mediums are just regular people like me. We go to work, feed the dog, and we get aggravated when we’ve left the car windows open and it rains. The heart of a medium is about service and the work of helping people heal. It’s very much a down to earth practice, here in the trenches of life, where there is heartache, confusion, and longing. It’s humbling and inspiring work.

From where I sit during a “reading” (I am not fond of that word) it isn’t nonsense. It’s not “rigged”, I haven’t googled you, and I’m not guessing based on something you’ve said. I’m reporting what I’m seeing, hearing, and feeling. It’s not a matter of “belief” in any way. It is as straightforward and real as turning on the television.

Why is mediumship so uncomfortable for us to talk about? Before you give a knee-jerk reaction, give it some thought. It’s a juicy question.  I’d love to hear your insights in the comment section below.

Be well,
ZenDoe  Linda Frank


16 Comments on “Down to Earth Mediumship

  1. I am always hesitant to connect with those who have passed because I don’t want to interfere with their transition. Or the work they need to do to get where they are going. It seems like tricky stuff. Still I want to fill the void of the elusive why.

    • Hi, Liz, and thank you for stopping by and for leaving a comment. ❤ Not wanting to interfere with their transition, and your appreciation for the work that they are doing is a reflection of your own wise and compassionate heart. Several things in response:
      1. It’s always best practice to wait several months after the passing of a loved one before requesting a reading. This gives both the sitter and the spirit time to adjust to the transition.
      2. Although we can ask for a particular spirit to come forward, they have their own wisdom about this. Spirit leads every reading, without exception. Whoever comes through is doing so for YOUR healing and help on YOUR path. They know far more than we do about what we need (rather than what we want).
      3. We are absolutely not bothering them. I have seen so many, many times that the spirit who is coming through is excited to the point of thrilled to be making the connection with the sitter. It’s joyful for them beyond any ability to describe! I’ve watched as many spirits gather to connect with a sitter, and someone – usually a mother or grandmother ( !! ) will elbow their way to the front, hush everyone else, and monopolize the reading. I had one just a week ago who did this. She was literally jumping up and down, and at the end of the reading, she turned to the other spirits and said, with unimaginable joy and satisfaction, “YES! I DID IT!” Imagine your own joy at finally having a chance to really connect with your son, daughter, or spouse on earth – You’ve tried and tried to get signs and messages through, and now you have the chance to communicate clearly through a medium. It’s an amazing experience to watch this happen.
      They WANT to talk with us! 😊

  2. I think if I did not read your previous posts and got to know you that way, I would have had very difficult time believing in your gift, because like many people I’ve spent too much energy and money over the years trying to heal and find my true self in so many various ways and have encountered a great variety of people promising magic but delivering only more pain… Some of them were well meaning, genuinely believing in their “magic” powers, and some were more malevolent… In the past years, as I’ve been experiencing this beautiful Unfolding, I became more and more open to the idea of things that are beyond our ordinary understanding or perception, so I feel acceptance of what you are saying, but I would imagine many people don’t want to touch this because they don’t want to get hurt over and over again… Just my 2 cents about why this is such a difficult subject…

    Just out of curiosity, do people change once they die? Most of us, unless we are awake and at peace, are very troubled and confused, harmful to ourselves and others… The idea of contacting the dead loved one who caused so much harm to themselves and their children during their lifetime to get more of the same pain seems terrifying.

    • Thank you, Dancing, for your very thoughtful response. I hear you about not wanting to “touch this” for fear of being hurt over and over again. There are as many ways to understand and relate to your concern as there are families and their circumstances.
      Our relationships with family are so intense here. Those who have been traumatized or abused by parents, spouses, or other “loved ones” will often spend a lifetime working through reconciling the fact that there was a family member who *should* have been loving, but who caused inconceivable havoc in the lives of those whom they should have loved, protected, and supported. Our endlessly unanswered “why?” is such a theme in my own life that it is the primary subject of the book that I’m writing. So, yes, it’s hard to imagine wanting to (risk) making contact with such a family member who has passed on.

      Do we change when we go home? Yes and no. When we transition from our earthly ego-guarding fear-based life back to our state as spirit, we do not become different people. I will still be who I am, with my experiences, my stage of development, my collective sense of self. I will not be magically enlightened or suddenly know everything there is to know. However, when we are in spirit, many things (too much to describe here) happen that open us in a very loving but clear way such that we come to understand how we were in life and what our impact was on others. It’s quite profound, but also compassionate and healing.

      My experience with readings is consistently this: Without exception, what a sitter experiences is a joyful, healing experience. If “Uncle Joe” was a horrible person who caused a lot of pain in life, he might come through in a reading, but ONLY if the sitter is, in his or her heart ready, and he will only come through with a message of responsibility, apology, and wholehearted acknowledgement of his failings. Further, it would happen in such a way that the sitter would leave the reading feeling whole, supported, and loved. If Uncle Joe is not yet at a place in his own understanding of his life that he can do this, or if the sitter is not able or ready to receive such a message in his/her own path of healing, then this spirit simply will not come. Instead, the sitter may hear from a beloved friend or even a great grandmother who passed before the sitter was born.

      It’s all about love, compassion, and healing. The medium has nothing to do with this aspect of the process, rather, it is the spirits themselves who cannot violate this “rule”. Does this address your question? Again, many thanks for posting ❤


      • Thank you for taking the time to reply. If you have a few more minutes, I would love to hear your feelings about a couple other things – I am sure you have come to know this through your own Unfolding, there seems to be Light and Dark to everything. What is the dark side to this wonderful process? And this is just pure curiosity, but how does reincarnation fit into your work – have some spirits already passed onto their new incarnations and are beyond reach?… Also this is going to sound very strange but do people talk to their loved animals who pass? Can your work help someone who is not seeking reunion with a loved one but connection with some sort of guardian being? Sorry, this is a lot of questions. 🙂

        • Questions are wonderful, Dancing. Thank you for writing.

          Light and Dark: There are two states on earth – Love and Fear. Fear is the very natural response of the human psyche to all things that threaten the body or the mind. Of course, fear has been used as a weapon by fearful, aggressive, ego-driven people since the dawn of time. Fear (dark) is something to work with, to understand as an element of human existence here on earth. Compassion and love drive out fear. In Spirit, there is only love.
          Reincarnation: We have all been in the physical world many times, and will return many times more. There is no “time” as we know it in Spirit. However, it is unusual for someone to reincarnate “quickly”. This for the simple reason that it takes time to digest our earth experiences, to learn from them and about them. It does happen that someone returns within a few years, but decades or even centuries in our time is more the norm.

          Pets: Absolutely!! There are many gifted animal communicators (and many who claim to be – be careful!). Although animal communication is not my primary work, I have seen pets come through in readings. There was a woman I worked with who struggled during a reading to accept that her family member, who had been horribly ill before passing, was now whole and happy and feeling wonderful. In the middle of the reading, suddenly her little dog appeared, bouncing around and playing. I told her about the dog, and she lit up! Her dog had been terribly sick before passing. Her joy about the dog helped her to understand that her loved-one was also well.

          Guardians & Guides: Yes, absolutely. I have done extensive work with my own guides, and have had the experience of bringing through a sitter’s guides on several occasions. It’s an incredibly beautiful experience. My mentor is exceptionally talented at introducing a person to their guides. If you’d like more information, you can contact me through the “contact” page here on my website, and I can tell you more about her or put you in touch with her. She is sterling.

          • Thank you so much for taking the time again, and I am sorry it takes me awhile to write back. I will try to contact you to get the name of your mentor. Much love to you 🙂

  3. It is my own belief that my writing comes not from me but from those that have passed and have something they wish to say. I am only the conduit, the means of transporting their words to the living.
    They give me the words, I see them and begin to write. A lot of times I think to myself, ‘This isn’t making any sense!’ Then at the end, it does.
    I can change little things but if I try to change too much I know they’ll find someone else to deliver their messages!!! No one has told me this, I feel it.
    Some are better writers than others. It doesn’t matter, they are sending a message and it’s my responsibility to deliver that message. Not my message – theirs.
    Thank you for bringing these thoughts to the forefront of my mind by writing of your own connection to those that have passed. ❤ Good to hear!

  4. I think when another person can reach and understand a so very deeply personal thing that we ourselves don’t have access to, it’s hard to grasp or trust. I’ve experienced enough extra sensory things of my own that though I don’t do what you do, I trust that the power of the mind and spirit in some people can absolutely reach places others cannot.

  5. I agree 100%. I am new to this work myself, and I find it sad how Mediums are viewed as frauds. Now, I’m not saying that there are not dishonest Mediums out there, there are but when you have your first real spiritual experience that you cannot explain you know the truth. I was in no way asking for an expereince when it happened to me. I am not doing this to steal from anyone. It is a calling.

  6. Love your post and can so identify with what you’re saying….unfortunately there is a lot of misinformation about mediumship out there…not to mention the way it is reported on in the media…or not as the case may be….those, like us, who are passionate about being of service and see first hand the difference to to lives, the way we live our lives and operate and to the relatives we are blessed to work with have the blessing and duty of the gift…and navigating through a world with such misunderstandings/misinformation of what it is about and what we do….for me it is the beautiful light way of living, knowing we are supported and guided in many ways, for others sadly there is a lot of fear, combined with the charlettans and whackos and frauds out there….we have work to do….each time we connect and pass on a message and the evidence I like to think / hope somehow each of us is making a difference… Like you I also have animals, work (for me I work in the corporate world), a full social life, train in the gym…many of us no doubt do not fit the label or stereotype many would try to put us under! I think some think we have 2 heads or something….

    • Beautifully said. Thanks for reading and for your lovely contribution. Be well.

  7. I have been developing new found gift for about 7 months now and am getting the understanding of what others think about what I’m now referred to as ‘one of them people’. It drives me crazy either they want to use me like a telephone book to contact every person they’ve ever lost there and then or they slowly back away as if my gift is an illness which they can catch

    • Hi, Reality. ❤ Thanks so much for stopping by and for leaving a few words here. It gets easier with time. 🙂

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