Over the years, many of you have commented that you enjoy my writing style and the subject matter that I bring forward. You’ve even encouraged me to write a book! Well, thanks to you, that project has been underway for a little over a year now. With just a chapter or two to go, it’s coming together. The working title is:

Heroic Compassion ~
Inviting a Lifetime of Challenges, Healing, and Spiritual Awakening

It’s about seeing through the illusion that this life is all there is, and how that understanding opens us to profound compassion, healing, and insight.

From time to time, I’ll be posting excerpts and quotes here and on the pages of the blog. Your encouragement and warmth have been such an inspiration. I’m humbled and deeply grateful.

We are awakened by love, by beauty, and through our experiences during times of growth and periods of grace. It’s a slow, delicate unfolding. The tender beauty of our enlightenment seems to be in sharp contrast to our cries of anguish, but they are bound together inextricably. To pursue our path of awakening where there is tranquility and peace is restorative. To avoid leaning into the light when it seems that there is no light is a mistake. Our suffering is not an obstacle on the path. It is our map, our compass, and our boots.


Please leave a response if you'd like to. I love hearing your thoughts.

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