Growth. With a little luck, it happens to all of us.

The Wind Horse Blog has transitioned into Zen Doe ~ Down to Earth Spirituality, Down to Earth Mediumship.

The blog is still here, loaded with wonderful comments from hundreds of dear souls who have stopped in to be a part of this project. The format has changed a little so that it’s more of a community.

Come in, have some tea. You’re always welcome here. We’ll talk about living a more spiritual life, moment to moment.

You may find a few surprises here, folded into the pages. We’ll explore those too, together.

Thank you, readers. Each of you makes this journey richer.

Leaning into the light with you,
Zen Doe


2 Comments on “Wind Horse Blog ~ New Look

  1. Welcome back! I have often wondered why you disappeared after being featured on Freshly Pressed. It’ll be lovely to read your posts again.

    • Hi! So good to see you again! Thank you for the encouragement. ❤

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