There are countless qualities that we seek to master during the course of our lives – patience, endurance, joy, truth, wisdom, dignity – you know each of them intimately. These lessons step forward humbly, disguising themselves as poverty, heartbreak, skin color, illness, political affiliation, disability, and as every other possible aspect of a person’s circumstances.

The disguises, the costumes, are the very things we tend to believe define who someone is. We judge. We criticize. We sort into “us” and “them”.

Every person that you encounter over the course of a lifetime is working with his or her lessons, reaching toward the light the best way they can.

And you? No matter what you are struggling with, no matter what your particular theme is or how it is playing out in your life, remember that all of us are walking the same road.

Ultimately, we undertake our lives, and endure the unendurable, not so that we can be wealthy and famous and carefree, but so that through our experiences we may broaden and deepen our eternal understanding of love, and of the human, active, manifestation of love, which is compassion for each other, and for all beings.

This Great Love is not something that only flows from you to others. It flows through each of us. It is, in fact, who and what we are. No one is excluded, not even you.


Photo Credit Zen Doe, 2013


11 Comments on “Walking Each Other Home

    • Thank you for the kind words, valzart.
      Be well,
      Zen Doe

  1. Oddly, this morning I wrote about the other half of this experience, the exiles of seperation. Both experiences are crucial, and understanding both complex. It seems so very human to embrace one without tge other, yet to hold both seems quite nearly impossible.

    • Thank you for commenting, Michael. We’re all in the same boat. Hard to see the forest for the trees. Our own “stuff” is the trees. Maybe the trick is to embrace everything and hold nothing. 😉 I’ll work on that!

  2. Yes. Let’s dance.
    Down the road.
    Together. Holding
    on to nothing.
    Not even holding
    on to nothing. Not
    even holding on to
    holding. Yes. Let us
    dance without hands.

    • dancing without hands
      dancing with bruised knees and broken feet
      healing one another
      holding one another

      J.A., your poetry sparkles!

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