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Or, more appropriately, “back in the blogosphere”. It has been three and a half years since my last post. Wow. Do they even say “blogosphere” anymore? Doesn’t matter. I’m back.

One by one, the horses in my stories here all went to new homes – a process that broke my heart again and again. But, they are well and happy. I have kept up with their new owners.

The new love in my life, as reported in my last post, Bright Morning Stars, has become the steadfast love of my life. We moved together, with one dog and a decrepit but loyal cat, to a nowhere town in the mountains, and life has begun again for both of us in excellent and undreamed-of ways. We are happy – I mean really, genuinely, happy.

With all this happiness going on, it’s been dawning on me for a while now that after 50-some years of passing for “normal” (read: anonymous) “authentic” might be a healthy change.

My name is Linda. I’ve been writing for years as ZenDoe on The Wind Horse Blog.  I’ve tried to keep my name hidden from the blog, and the blog hidden from my friends. Hmmm…

I’ve practiced meditation for all but the first 13 years of my time here this go-round, and that didn’t seem like something regular people would want to know about either, so that aspect of being me has been in the closet as well, right behind the black robes that I wore every evening at the Zen Center that I founded and where I became a Zen Teacher. I’ve been hiding that, too. Oh, dear… The robes are gathering dust in the dark because I no longer teach Zen in a formal way. That’s fine.

When I was growing up, I was taught that we (girls) didn’t call attention to ourselves. Looks like I took that one to heart!

Have I mentioned that since I was a child, I’ve seen and spoken with the spirits of folks who have passed on? I didn’t think so.  No, I probably wouldn’t have mentioned that either – it’s not quite “right”. But, you know what? It’s who I am. Actually, I’ve been working hard at developing my skills as a medium. There. I’ve said it.

Five decades of trying to pass for normal while living a most extraordinary life has been a challenge. I don’t have the energy for it anymore, because, thanks to the encouragement of my readers here, I’m working on a book about what I’ve learned in all these years of being anonymous. Anonymous isn’t working for me. I’m coming out.

Leaning into the light with you,


It’s good to be back