There is a beautiful old song that begins:

Bright morning stars are rising
Bright morning stars are rising
Bright morning stars are rising
Day is a-breaking in my soul

So many of you have written to me since I fell out of the blogosphere, asking how I’m doing and offering support.  My sincere thanks to each of you for the kind words and encouragement.  It has meant a great deal to me.

Things are changing.

A simpler life is appearing – slowly, carefully, and at the same time like an avalanche.  The stress of this life of commuting, of high-pressure work, schedules and extreme busy-ness is still ringing like a hammer, but there is a transformation taking shape, like colors coming together in a kaleidoscope – appearing, falling away, and refocusing again.

The solitude, the alone-ness of finding refuge only in the affection of horses has given way to… yes… a romance, a love, so deep and wide that it is truly unfathomable.

This crusty old heart has abandoned its fortress and is breathing the crisp morning air again, wrapped in the warmth of hope, and feeling alive.  In the care of tender hands it has softened and begun to heal, to risk vulnerability, to find itself again.  I could ask for no greater miracle.

Things are changing, and changing in a big way.  I’m ready.