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Alarm shatters sleep long before dawn
helter skelter fumbling for shower and what to wear
pulling on a sock and email between sips of coffee
cat food dog food fish food horse food me food
almost done check the dog water, refill
oh, forgot dog pills get cheese
need milk, need cat food…

Grab keys, turn off lights
pat dogs, pat cat, say good-bye
out the back door down steps to walkway


Spring’s silent voice whispers in hues of green.  The sun hasn’t risen above last night’s clouds yet, quiet green, still green, lush and damp.  Every blade of grass, every pine needle, each new leaf holds droplets of rain in perfect poise between heaven and earth.  Even the birds are silent in the softness of the slow-motion cool.

At the fence, three horses, breathing the subtle music of morning, unhurried.  The languid swoosh of a tail, a brush-stroke calligraphy of movement.

Stay one more moment, disappearing into the fragrance of earth heaving forth life.  Let it go.  Car keys jingle.

Refraction pine needle szd - Copy

Raindrop on Pine Needle ~ Photo ©ZenDoe