Alarm shatters sleep long before dawn
helter skelter fumbling for shower and what to wear
pulling on a sock and email between sips of coffee
cat food dog food fish food horse food me food
almost done check the dog water, refill
oh, forgot dog pills get cheese
need milk, need cat food…

Grab keys, turn off lights
pat dogs, pat cat, say good-bye
out the back door down steps to walkway


Spring’s silent voice whispers in hues of green.  The sun hasn’t risen above last night’s clouds yet, quiet green, still green, lush and damp.  Every blade of grass, every pine needle, each new leaf holds droplets of rain in perfect poise between heaven and earth.  Even the birds are silent in the softness of the slow-motion cool.

At the fence, three horses, breathing the subtle music of morning, unhurried.  The languid swoosh of a tail, a brush-stroke calligraphy of movement.

Stay one more moment, disappearing into the fragrance of earth heaving forth life.  Let it go.  Car keys jingle.

Refraction pine needle szd - Copy

Raindrop on Pine Needle ~ Photo ©ZenDoe

45 Comments on “Morning’s Quiet Green

  1. AAaaah….thank you for this pause of paw and hoof
    and thank you for “still”–going to add that double-
    edged word to my WordWildWeft right now…
    …it keeps bobbing up again and again
    to show me its two faces…

  2. Incredibly impactful – your words pull me in and swirl me around, direct my attention…mental imagery and wonderful picture.

    You are so talented. Thank you!

  3. so exquisite
    the taste the touch
    the smell the feel
    of earthy elegance
    everyday breath
    burgeoning life
    such green grace
    each waterdrop’s way

    So wonderful
    Thank you
    Sent it to my daughter

  4. This is another incredibly peaceful post. I love the contrast with the first part where you leave us feeling hurried and harassed without enough time….then we slide seamlessly into a cool calm green space. Mother nature slows us with awe

    • Thanks, Mz Mackenzie. This was a direct transcript of my morning today. When I stepped outside, the green stopped me cold. It was astounding. it was fun trying to convey in words though, in a way that would bring the reader along with me just as it happened.

    • I agree–an incredible peaceful post. It’s the pause that refreshes. Thank you for re-minding us to enjoy the present of presence. {{{hugs}}} Kozo

  5. The raindrop is exquisite. That moment held in the STOP so eloquently illustrated. These small things that arrest us in our tracks. Thank you.

    • Thank you for your wonderful comment, as always Caro Woods. And thanks for reading. I’m always glad to see you here!

    • What a marvelous compliment, Kate! Thank you! You’ve made my day. When I hear things like this, I feel like good chefs must feel when they’re cooking for someone. When I write, I’m always thinking, “How can I catapult the reader into my world for a moment?” change a word here and there, trying to make it fun. Then, you say something like this and it just delights me. Thank you!!!

  6. This first part swept right back into the rush of work. Great contrast to the calm centered being. You did a fabulous job. Plus I like the world captured in the drop of water.

    • Thanks, Alice. I do really like this photo. No, I didn’t have time to take it this morning, but it’s from a morning very much like this one.
      Isn’t it wonderful when Ma Nature stops us in our tracks and gives us an opportunity to just pay attention for a moment? Ahhhh…. 😉

      • Grabs me by the eyeballs or nose or ears every morning here. Swallows slash the air. Kelp tang. Sun sneaking up past the eucalyptus trees. Buff light on stucco. I sit and stare a lot. Favorite hobby.

  7. To take time for these perfect moments amid the hustle of life is a necessary delight. Thanks for sharing it, and letting me experience it vicariously. You write it so well, I am sure I am there too, if just for a moment.

  8. Wonderful, loved it. It’s a gift to remember the stop button in the midst of ‘cat food dog food fish food horse food me food (I loved that!) and a gift to us to be reminded of that through your beautiful writing. And the photo, absolutely exquisite.

    • There’s always time for a single moment of “STOP”. Wonderful that we have a re-set button built in. We just have to remember to use it. Thanks for the lovely comment about the photo.

  9. Ahhhhhh!!!! What beauty, Zen! The poetry, the prose, the picture, the deep beautiful peacefulness inside your heart… Thank you. Sending you so much love this morning.

  10. My heart thrills to read your words, it is one thing to stop and notice on the way to a busy something else, but to convey those precious moments, to portray the images in writing, is genius. Thank you for another wonderful post.

    • Aww, Teri. Thank you. Thank you for seeing the why and how of this bit of writing. It was a challenge, because a narrative couldn’t collect it and present it clearly. The whole business of noticing the spectacular morning didn’t last more than maybe 10 seconds, but that was enough. I appreciate your encouraging words so very much. They keep me inspired to continue trying to write a bit.

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