B&W HB 074

smaller than a thumb
size does not define the heart
tiny hummingbird


Photograph by ZenDoe, ©ZenDoe 2013

19 Comments on “Wordless Wednesday ~ tiny wings

  1. With a rudimentary understanding of hummingbirds, light, and photography, I am in awe of this photo. The translucent wings, the clarity and definition, the framed tail feathers. How? What? Who…cares. It is godliness in motion. {{{hugs]}} Kozo

    • Thank you, Kozo. This photo was a “chuck it!” disaster until I removed the color and fiddled with it a bit. I think it works rather well now. It seems to tell a story – or to invite one.

  2. Wow. You made a miracle for your “chuck-it” photo. You write well. You take amazing photos. You were front and center when the gifts were being passed out. Keep it up. Alice

    • Maybe. But I haven’t told you that I failed remedial no-credit algebra FOUR TIMES. Only one side of my brain works, so I try to make the best of it.

      • ZD. I LOVE YOU. I only had to take algebra with tutors THREE times. I thought I was the only one that JUST COULDN’T “GET IT”! It it weren’t for a liberal add/drop policy and the invention of “hand calculators”, I wouldn’t have gotten into medical school. Then where would I be? (HA. This is a trick question.) Alice LOL;-)

  3. Beautiful Zen… I once would sit in a field at 4:00 each day after working in the fields and tryst with a resting hummer… she’d perch atop a narrow pole of a dead tree…and I was amazed to learn that hummingbirds rest.
    I love this picture, Zen. Like a conductor of the universe’s orchestra. Yea!

    • What a lovely image. And yes, I never saw this photo as the bird conducting. That’s marvelous and just right!

    • I’m with you, wtf. Other birds are lovely, or cute, or majestic (or a nuisance!) Hummers are just magical.

  4. I’m originally from CA (right now a transplant to NJ for school) and I miss sitting outside and watching them dart and hover from place to place. Nature’s little helicopters. Great stuff!

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