early morning drive
emerald fields of purple
spring throws on her robe


Photo Credit:  Google Images


23 Comments on “Pop-Up Haiku ~

  1. The image you bring to mind is a robe for a naive, young Marilyn Monroe.

    Interesting, is it a failure of my imagination that I cannot conjure a spring containing a “Y” chromosome?

  2. Utterly beautiful. Thanks for giving me this vision today.

  3. Just last week, a friend of mine gave me your blog address. I red all of your posts. The writing is absolutely beautiful! The honesty, sensitivity. The deep intimacy. with life. How poetic, how heart braking! I feel I know you, as I would know a dearest friend. Thank you.

    • Slavka, what a truly beautiful comment. Thank you. I’m so glad that you’re here and that you’ve found something that touches you in some way.

    • It was even more brilliant this morning in the sun. I was so glad there was no one behind me on the little country road, because I had to slow way down and just stare. Stunning, just stunning.

  4. “Sit by me” she said
    One day we watched her horses.
    I always come back. 🙂 My humble tribute to Zen. Namaste.

  5. Me too. Poetry envy. I like the haiku and I LOVE the poem you tossed out into the comments. I’m so glad I stopped by. Wow. Alice

  6. How do you do that!! I can never do that. Every time I write poetry it comes out in rhyme like song lyrics. I guess it is because of my music background but I would love to be able to write poetry differently.

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