early morning drive
emerald fields of purple
spring throws on her robe


Photo Credit:  Google Images

23 Comments on “Pop-Up Haiku ~

  1. How do you do that!! I can never do that. Every time I write poetry it comes out in rhyme like song lyrics. I guess it is because of my music background but I would love to be able to write poetry differently.

  2. Me too. Poetry envy. I like the haiku and I LOVE the poem you tossed out into the comments. I’m so glad I stopped by. Wow. Alice

  3. “Sit by me” she said
    One day we watched her horses.
    I always come back. 🙂 My humble tribute to Zen. Namaste.

    • It was even more brilliant this morning in the sun. I was so glad there was no one behind me on the little country road, because I had to slow way down and just stare. Stunning, just stunning.

  4. Just last week, a friend of mine gave me your blog address. I red all of your posts. The writing is absolutely beautiful! The honesty, sensitivity. The deep intimacy. with life. How poetic, how heart braking! I feel I know you, as I would know a dearest friend. Thank you.

    • Slavka, what a truly beautiful comment. Thank you. I’m so glad that you’re here and that you’ve found something that touches you in some way.

  5. Utterly beautiful. Thanks for giving me this vision today.

  6. The image you bring to mind is a robe for a naive, young Marilyn Monroe.

    Interesting, is it a failure of my imagination that I cannot conjure a spring containing a “Y” chromosome?

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