Photograph ©ZenDoe

15 Comments on “Wordless Wednesday ~ Kit in the Snow

  1. Oh My……That takes my breath away….How powerful and majestic. I know you put in a lot of energy into your horses and your place but Zen…you are blessed…and so are they.

  2. Beautiful horse, beautiful picture! Wow 🙂
    I mucked through the mud to the pasture and found my horse had given himself the spring “spa” treatment. (He was pretty proud of himself…) The sun was shining so we rode for a bit – did us both some good.

    • My kids loved the this picture of Kit. My younger (12) wondered if Kit is okay out in the cold snow. I have your pasture with fog picture as my desktop for now. I’ve thought about cycling to your snow tree. Wow. Lovely images. You have a fine way with a camera as well as with words. Best. Alice PS I like your “award free blog” token. Where did you get it?

      • Please tell your little one that Kit, as a draft horse, is incredibly HAIRY and that she can stand in the sleet and freezing rain for days without ever shivering.
        Thanks for the kind words about the photography.
        The award-free thing, I just pulled from somebody else’s blog. I’ve been given a bunch of awards, which I really, genuinely appreciate, but I’m not sure I’m comfortable with them.

    • AnneSquared, Yeah, all of mine are about the “spa treatment” these days. I can’t possibly ride because the mud is a foot deep. I envy you!

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