Are You Listening” was featured on freshly Pressed!

Get the smelling salts!

*Running about in the pasture, flapping my hands and hyperventilating*

Thank you, WordPress Editors!

Most important, thank YOU, readers.  Your encouragement has inspired me.

Zen Doe

41 Comments on “Freshly Pressed! Really??!!

  1. It is kinda crazy huh?!! Lol I am soooo NOT surprised by this, however I AM surprised it hasn’t happened before now! But…everything in its time right zen? Congrats baby, I can think of no-one who deserves it more! Told ya you are amazing…hahaha xo

  2. Oh ya…get ready for the insane barrage of virtual love that’s gonna come your way as people from across the globe discover you anew! It’s overwhelmingly mind-blowing but wow, what a f*cking rush! lol humble affirmation of how wonderful a writer you are. And how fitting that it was “Are You Listening” that found its way to an editors ‘ears”. C’mon! how cool is that?!!! Enjoy the ride zen…you soooo deserve it!

  3. Woo Hoo and you go girl. They got it so right to put you up on Fresh Pressed. Have an extra dance around the paddock for me!

    • It’s really something, isn’t it?! I nearly fell out of my chair when I got the email! Thanks so much for coming by for a read!

  4. And Well-deserved. NOW you’re on my blog.. also my FB.
    The Freshly pressed is how I found you. The only Freshly Pressed I’ve liked!

  5. And thanks to Lizzi Tremayne, now I too have found you and will also share this blog with another appreciative friend. My blog is woefully neglected for other writing pursuits, but maybe I will be inspired to catch up. We are all inspired by the three “R’s”, reading, ‘riting and riding.

  6. How wonderful….mostly I don’t like the blogs which get freshly pressed…yours is definitely an exception 🙂 As you know I just loved this post and am so apply more people will read it…and find your lovely blog 🙂

  7. It’s nice to be FP’d. There are so many blogs out there that are worthy of getting pressed, and never do. Nice post, I like the poetic overtones.

  8. So well deserved ZenDoe!
    Can I say “I knew her when…”?
    A great choice of post by the FP folks though I think they could have thrown a dart at your blog and found equal quality anywhere…

  9. Congratulations. I have met with your beautiful blogging world because of Freshly-Pressed. I am so glad for this. Thank you, love, nia

  10. Congratulations! The horses are so lucky to have you write about them! Your writing inspires my own, and thank you for visiting my blog and liking my post. Also your photography is unique and wonderful, especially your cover photo…my eyes caress the curve of the horse in the foreground that I missed the first time around and was delighted to find the second. Your paint reminds me of my own except yours is clean and properly dressed for the prom; mine reminds me of a child who has gotten into his mother’s cosmetics and covered himself with rouge made of mud…and mighty proud of it! Is there anything you don’t do with some kind of unusual flair?!!

    • Hahaha! At this moment all the horses are covered in mud. Thanks for your sweet words, though. I do enjoy your blog.

  11. Haha! After reading your freshly pressed post then the “about” page, the image of you hand-flapping and hyperventilating around the pasture is so counter to my initial imaginings I had to laugh. 🙂 Enjoy the moment!

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